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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Erin's Circus Baby Shower

Last weekend I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for my Sister-in-law, Erin! It was so much fun coming up with a cute gender-neutral theme! I found my inspiration piece from a vintage circus tin I found at a yard sale and I new that I had to go with it! I scoured the blogging world for more inspiration and I was overwhelmed with ideas! We are all waiting on pins and needles to meet the newest addition to our family! (my guess is that it is a boy!) Enjoy these photos!

Invitation made from scratch!!!
 Erin and I being not so silly! But a great picture none the less!
The inspiration tin with lollipops!
The Pooh Diaper Cake was made as a gift for Erin from one of her guests!

 A seperate table was used for the beverages and the desserts!

Cupcakes decorated to look like waffle bowls of icecream followed suit in the "Concession Stand" Theme
 Guests act silly!
The photo booth set up!

The Concession Stand: chalkboard frame, buntings, and table cloth made by me!

 I followed a tutorial I found online to make this play tent. Not only did it fit the theme and serve as decoration, it matches the nursery decor and can be used in there as well!
The Greeting!

The Concession Stand included a hot dog bar, nachos, mini corn dogs on a stick, french fry cones, and veggie dip cups! Yummy!