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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am Woman... Hear me ROAR...( er... I mean see me cook!)

So I hosted/cooked/and cleaned this years thanksgiving dinner! Here are the pictures my dad took of the days events!

The People!

The Spread

Twenty Week Belly Picture

This was taken last week (11/23) when I was offically half way through the pregnancy! Today I am 21 weeks and I will be taking/posting a new belly picture tomorrow morning. Still not much changing going on!

Cute Nursery

My obsessive need to find an adorable nursery to serve as the inspiration has led me to this one. I know it is specically for a girl, but there are elements to it that I can do in the meantime and then once we find out that it is a girl (my very first dream involving this baby indicated that it was a girl, but then again I had just been looking at cute girly baby things online right before bed!) or boy (most everyone in my family believes it is going to be a boy), then we can accessorize accordingly. Check these out!

I love this crib bedding, the only problem is, it was custom made by this chic's family friend.... any takers for making me a set?!?!?!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Drum Roll Please....

So we officially announced our baby names yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner to all our family and friends who were in attendence! And the winners are....

For a Girl:

Danyn Bailey Devitt

For a Boy:

Grant David Devitt

So there they are!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Freakin' Adorable Kid Things!

Alphabet wall!

Still love this!

Cute Spring crafty or gift idea! This is a nesting kit, it is packed with sewing scraps of fabric, yarn, ribbon, and includes an info booklet about birds and nesting habits. You are supposed to hang it near a bird feeder outside and then watch as birds come and gather suppliesto build their nests! It's genius! Cute and educational!

Etsy is my new favorite place! Little Stiches Pillow

Finger/Foot/Hand Canvas Art!

bean bag book ends.... sooo clever!

So cute and handmade!
Quiet Books!
More Cute Shoes by Prissy Piggies!
Tooth Fairy Cushions!

I threw this in for you Chels! This is from Etsy... car seat covers to match your kids personality!

Every family needs to have rules!

Awesome playroom

Cute idea for crafty gear!

Baseball Decor

If I had to do green, it'd be something like this..

I may be jumping the gun, but this is a cute idea for a sisters room...

Cute idea for a ceiling medalion...

Stuffed Ox in girly colors! Also available in blues!

Ivory and Moss Baby girl shoes... Esty.

Ivory and Moss baby girl shoes... also found on Etsy

Found this on Etsy, reasonably priced and sooo adorable.

This is a cute recyled magizine mobile I saw while browsing through baby decor blogs. It's way too expensive, but perhaps, if I ever feel crafty enough, I can try and make it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finally Shopping!

So I will post the new ultrasound pictures up in a bit, but I wanted to show off the fact that I have finally started making some decisions about this baby and the room it will call it's own! We have purchased the Convertible Crib and dresser/changer! I am hoping that it will come in soon because I did not purchase these two items from the same collection, and I am worried about the colors matching.... but anyways, here is what we have so far!

I loved this crib because of it's traditional lines and the solid backing. The only thing I know will be a bit of a problem is that because the front panel is so thick, a traditional bumper will not attach properly! I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I plan on changing out the hardware on this dresser/changer combo, and we have to figure out a way to make the changing pad stay put on top, but other than that, I think this will make a great dresser for many years to come!

These two things may not look like much of a big deal to you, but for me, as I am self-procliamed extremely indecisive, this is big! I'll post pictures when it arrives and Brian completes the first daddy duty of putting it together!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I knew I wasn't crazy!!!

Ok, so remember back to the last post when I said I could have sworn I had taken a 17 week picture....? Well I wasn't crazy! I found it! It was out of order on my camera and therefore I overlooked it! So I'll include it here, because as it turns out, it makes a great comparison picture for this weeks! I am actually getting big! I am 19 weeks pregnant, and although I had just eaten dinner right before this picture, I think I am finally starting to fill out and get a round belly! Yea!!!!

17 weeks pregnant... still not much there

19 weeks pregnant.... there it goes!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I spoke/wrote too soon!

So this morning, around 3:45am, I got up, went down stairs for some water, and when I laid back down I rested my hands on my tummy.... and what did I feel???.... a kick.... and then what I think was probably a turn or a roll..... I felt the baby move!!! It was sooo cool! pushed and prodded my tummy for a little while trying to get it to move again, and then I woke Brian up! He was half asleep so I don't think it really registered with him until he got up this morning! Anyways, I suppose that is what I get for writing that I hadn't felt anything yet!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

18 Weeks

Hello all, I thought I had a picture of 17 weeks, but as it turns out, my "placenta brain" has taken over nearly completely, and all I have to show you that is new is my 18 week belly picture. There still isn't much there, and I'm getting tired of people going "you can't even tell your pregnant!" I am almost twenty weeks and I feel pregnant (no, not because it's kicking yet...), so I want it to show! Sleeping is getting a little uncomfortable, because I can totally feel the lump in my belly that is my uterus! I am still waiting to feel the fluttering of this little one kicking me! Sometimes in the morning I think I feel the baby more because when I am laying there, I feel and can see this very noticible ball in the center of where I think the baby would be. I know that probably doesn't make much sense to you, but I know what I mean!
We've made the decision to keep the names we've chosen a secret for now. We do not know if we will wait until the day he or she arrives to reveal them, or maybe sooner... such decisions! I think it's neat to keep everyone in suspense! It's fun to have a secret! I'm not budging either so don't beg!
I have a check-up tomorrow morning, and will get to hear the heart beat again! I can't wait! Then... on the 20th, we have the anatomy screening ultrasounf... the one where we WOULD find out the gender if we wanted to! We are going to request that the tech to stay away from that general area! !!!
For now, I am battling a cold and do not like not being able to breathe! It's adding to my discomfort at night!
Ok, on to the picture...