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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big NEws

After a wonderful week in Kauai, HI, Brian and I returned home, only to find me simply washing my clothes and putting them back in my suitcase. Chelsea and Lila were set to land in LAX on friday (2 days after we got home), and I was going to pick them up and spend 4 days in L.A. with many of the Devine family members! In fact, Rachel and Patrick got married, which was the point of the trip! After some So Cal visiting, Chels, Lila, and I escaped back to Bakersfield to spend a few days relaxing by my pool and garage saleing. I had a wonderful visit with them and felt as though I had been on the go for two straight weeks (which is what I attributed my exhaustion to!)!! Brian and I took them back to LAX on Sunday, just one day before we got our big news...
I knew I was "late" but wasn't getting my hopes up since I'd been "late" before, only to have my hopes dashed, so I was going to wait it out. On monday, I had a scary ordeal which found me crying to Brian on the phone and freaking out. When he got home he insisted I take a pregnancy test and low and behold... I was pregnant!! There was a very faint line, but it was there! I immediately called the doc and went in for a blood test. The next day it was confirmed, I was actually pregnant!
Now I am 7 weeks today (8-13-09) and am awaiting my first OB appointment on the 20th. Chels and I have conjured up a plan to basically trick the doctor into doing an ultrasound, since I want to see our little bean... some physical evidence to prove I'm not just making this stuff up!!
So far so good... no morning sickness, just a littel nausea when I go too long between meals.

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