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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

30 and 31 weeks

30 weeks on the pier at Avila!

31 weeks

I am 31 weeks 3 days today and I am definitely feeling uncomfortable! I'm still being told that I am barely showing, but HELLO!!!! need I remind people what I look like without a baby in my belly! I feel like I bump into everything and my clothes are getting uncomfortably tight! The good news: I have 6 days of work left! I will get to go on  maternity leave 7 weeks before my due date and stay off through the remainder of the school year... barring the possibility that this baby arrives SUPER early! I'm so ready to be done with my students and to be able to take care of things at home in a timely manner instead of cramming it all into one weekend day.....

Have I mentioned that I love feeling this baby inside! Even when it stretching out against my belly or kicks up into my ribs.... I'm so amazed at how strong he or she is! I'm getting more and more excited about meeting my baby! It has all gone by so fast, and yet! I still have 9 weeks left! Crazy!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh. Brian did a good job packing your bags if he packed that outfit! You look so cute and I can't wait to see you! Time has gone by so fast! It is so hard for me to imagine when your baby finally arrives. I will be a wreck. Just thinking about it gets me all teared up. Love you!

  2. I think you look GORGEOUS! I too loved being pregnant. Having that baby in your belly is the BEST feeling. I actually missed it after mine were born. Well, not really the twins as much...I felt BETTER, like I could walk miles immediately after they were born! LOL