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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My 30 Before 30- Update as of 5/7/11

I was blog stalking this evening when I stumbled upon this( post by Monica Wants It. "30 Before 30".... **I'm 26, and will be 27 this year....** Reading her list made me WANT to make my own list and fulfill all of the items on my list! So here I go! Some are the same, others not, but none the less they are great ideas! (These are not in any particular order!)
#1- Read More- I told myself when I finished going to school (I just completed my 2nd teaching credential, and have my Masters!) I was going to read for ME... things like this:


I love reading books before I see the movie... sometimes even before they make the movie!

2. Go to the East Coast, preferrably New York and Boston area, but any will do!

3. Have another baby!.... or two!?! When we make them this cute... why wouldn't I?!?!

4. Love my house... This is a slow process... any project I want to do is $$$ and so I try to move things around and reorganize in an attempt to find that love in my home... I love to get inspiration but many of those ideas cannot go beyond the blog I found them on. We are even considering looking for a different house in a few years, so that again makes it hard to invest in the projects I want to do in this house, when we are just going to leave them behind...
Picture from

5. Love my wardrobe! I always seem to find myself frustrated picking out my clothes... my husband says "there she goes, ring around the closet, again!" I wish I could have someone pick out my clothes and outfits each day, or even shop for me. Maybe I should nominate myself for What Not to Wear.

6. Go on a Cruise! My husband refuses to go on an Mexican Cruise, so unless we end up going on an Alaskan Cruise or, even more unlikely, a Hawaiian cruise... I'm going to have to make it a girl's trip...anyone want to join me?
My sister and I are officially planning on a "Sister's Trip!!" I'm so excited... only 2 years to wait! We both agreed neither one of us should be pregnant or nursing when we go on this trip! We are thinking a Cruise to the Bahamas in 2013!!! Yay!!!

7. Become a better photographer. Right now it is something I try to do and I hope for good pictures. I want to KNOW I am going to get good pictures. I want to photograph babies and mommies, and family, and maybe even someday a wedding!

* One of my favorite pictures I've taken myself.

8. Have a day of pampering. Including a facial, mani/pedi, and a massage... a real one. Not just at the Chiropractor,(maybe while one a cruise #6).

9. See more country music concerts! I'd love to see Jason Aldean, Sugarland, Lady A, Rascal Flatts, and/or Zac Brown Band.

10. Go to Vegas and stay in one of a really nice hotels!
(maybe I could combine this with #8!)
11. Go Camping! We got a tent as a wedding present, and 5 years later, it's never been used!
12. Improve my blogging skills/knowledge. This would require more time....
13. Make time! Not excuses!
14. Become a great teacher! One that students want to come to class for! Working on this! There's a subhect change in my future!! woohoo!
15. Have an adorable family photo shoot. Not taken by me... so I can actually be in it!!!

16. Be a Tourist in my home state: California. Born and raised here and I still haven't: seen the Hollywood Walk of Fame, go on a celebrity home tour, see Hurst Castle, Legoland, and Knott's Berry Farm, go on the Golden Gate Bridge.... should I count each one of these as something on my list?
17. Wear red lipstick and look amazing doing it!
18. Come up with and follow a housekeeping what am I thinking.... HIRE A HOUSEKEEPER!!!

19. Annoyonmously pay for someone's meal at a restaurant.

20. Win an Award or recognition for something: teaching, photography, or even simply because I entered something in the fair!

21. Be on a game show and win some $$$! (or be in the studio audience when the host gives something away!)

22. Keep a plant alive.... I can't even set a time limit.... just keep it alive!

23.  Go to opening night of a movie or even a movie premiere!
This will most like be fulfilled with Breaking Dawn, the final Twilight film.... yay!

24. Volunteer at the SPCA or other animal shelter.

25. Organize my craftroom/space! This is serious! It's soooo bad in there! No wonder I hardly ever craft anymore! Spent time this weekend cleaning up a bit in there, haven't even made a dent though.

26. Play volleyball recreationally

27. Learn to enjoy seafood

* I couldn't even stomach looking at the pcitures of seafood! I had to choose this one!

28. Spend a Christmas with my sister, again! But this time with our kiddos relishing in all the Christmas morning glory and excitement!

29. See the Grand Canyon... maybe go river rafting there!
30. Be with friends and family on my 30th birthday in a beautiful place!

I can't believe I actually finished this list before I was 30! Wish me luck!

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  1. Good list Bai. I learned new things about you. I didn't know you hadn't seen those places in CA. I wanna go on a cruise with you! That would be so fun. I want you to become a photographer so you can teach me for free! :) I support and encourage you to complete this list. Yikes, you'd better hurry!