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Monday, September 28, 2009

12 Week Update

Brian and I had so much fun watching the baby move around today on the ultrasound! It was so amazing to this itty bitty thing on screen and know that it is happening inside of me! I had to drink a sugary drink prior to the u/s so that the baby would be active. Brian called it "getting our kid all hopped up on sugar!" Either way you look at it, it's pretty cool! I posted the images below! We got to bring home 6 different screen shots. I labeled them to help you orient yourself with what you are looking at, so I hope it helps! Now I don't get another peek at he or she until they are 20 weeks! That seems like forever! I have been taking belly pictures but to someone who doesn't see me on a daily basis, it is hard to see that I have grown, just a bit! I'll post those here in the next two weeks or so! We are still set on waiting to find out the gender and have now started brainstorming on ideas for decorating the nursery! It's going to be tough because all the little girl and boy decorations are too cute! I have to hold back!

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