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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Freakin' Adorable Kid Things!

Alphabet wall!

Still love this!

Cute Spring crafty or gift idea! This is a nesting kit, it is packed with sewing scraps of fabric, yarn, ribbon, and includes an info booklet about birds and nesting habits. You are supposed to hang it near a bird feeder outside and then watch as birds come and gather suppliesto build their nests! It's genius! Cute and educational!

Etsy is my new favorite place! Little Stiches Pillow

Finger/Foot/Hand Canvas Art!

bean bag book ends.... sooo clever!

So cute and handmade!
Quiet Books!
More Cute Shoes by Prissy Piggies!
Tooth Fairy Cushions!

I threw this in for you Chels! This is from Etsy... car seat covers to match your kids personality!

Every family needs to have rules!

Awesome playroom

Cute idea for crafty gear!

Baseball Decor

If I had to do green, it'd be something like this..

I may be jumping the gun, but this is a cute idea for a sisters room...

Cute idea for a ceiling medalion...

Stuffed Ox in girly colors! Also available in blues!

Ivory and Moss Baby girl shoes... Esty.

Ivory and Moss baby girl shoes... also found on Etsy

Found this on Etsy, reasonably priced and sooo adorable.

This is a cute recyled magizine mobile I saw while browsing through baby decor blogs. It's way too expensive, but perhaps, if I ever feel crafty enough, I can try and make it!

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