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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

18 Weeks

Hello all, I thought I had a picture of 17 weeks, but as it turns out, my "placenta brain" has taken over nearly completely, and all I have to show you that is new is my 18 week belly picture. There still isn't much there, and I'm getting tired of people going "you can't even tell your pregnant!" I am almost twenty weeks and I feel pregnant (no, not because it's kicking yet...), so I want it to show! Sleeping is getting a little uncomfortable, because I can totally feel the lump in my belly that is my uterus! I am still waiting to feel the fluttering of this little one kicking me! Sometimes in the morning I think I feel the baby more because when I am laying there, I feel and can see this very noticible ball in the center of where I think the baby would be. I know that probably doesn't make much sense to you, but I know what I mean!
We've made the decision to keep the names we've chosen a secret for now. We do not know if we will wait until the day he or she arrives to reveal them, or maybe sooner... such decisions! I think it's neat to keep everyone in suspense! It's fun to have a secret! I'm not budging either so don't beg!
I have a check-up tomorrow morning, and will get to hear the heart beat again! I can't wait! Then... on the 20th, we have the anatomy screening ultrasounf... the one where we WOULD find out the gender if we wanted to! We are going to request that the tech to stay away from that general area! !!!
For now, I am battling a cold and do not like not being able to breathe! It's adding to my discomfort at night!
Ok, on to the picture...

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