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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goodwill on a Friday night!

So last friday I decided to stop by the good will to see what they had in the hopes that I'd find a great treasure. I didn't do horrible! Here is what I found:
These are four colorful ceramic eggs that will be this years easter decorations. I have purchased my chalk board paint and will soon be transforming them into something like this:
All it will take is chalk board paint, pretty scrapbook paper, decoupage, and glitter! So cute! (Price: $1.00 ea. X 4= $4.00)
Next I found this wooden scalloped box. This was also an item I had seen at Target once upon a time! It was a little dirty and had one minor chip in the bottom corner, but again, nothing a little Mr. Clean magic eraser and some Heirloom White paint won't fix!!! I plan on using this to hold all the stuff that I will need next to the changing pad on top of the changing table. I think my sister might actually have the same one!!! (Price: $4.00)

I typically start my goodwill shopping trip by going straight to the furniture section to scope out any decent pieces that could be updated with some paint and new hardware. Right now I am looking for a side table or I guess a few side tables. I'd like one for in the living room (I'll post pictures and explain why in a little bit), the baby's room next to the rocker, and maybe a console type table or the upstairs hallway. I didn't find one this trip, but I know that I eventually will... Garage sale season is fast approaching!
Next, I wander back up to the front to look at their pillows and rugs (I actually found a cute colorful striped rug from one of Target's recent lines... got that for $3.50!), then wander back through the housewares looking at lamps, frames, accessories, and finally the holiday stuff. I suppose my method has worked well in the past, I usually never leave having spent more than $20... usually it's around $12! This Friday's total: $12.50!!!

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